Meet The Teaching Team

We are hiring 3-4 people for our summer program at our preschool. Summer program is similar to a summer camp, there will be two groups of kids, older group 6-12 and younger 2.5- 5. The older kids will be organized with onsite activities and attend park sessions. Younger children will stay at the site with various camp activities. Summer programs are themed weeks and runs for 8 weeks from June 14th until August 6th. Hours of operation are 7:30-5. Staff shifts will vary between 6- 8 hours and be either morning or afternoon. Please indicate preference.


We are looking for either only summer work or permanent work, since once we return in August our preschool program will begin. To be part of the preschool program in August must have ECE credits and/or a year of experience in a preschool setting. 

Please send resume to